Parties & Activities

at THE HOUSE, where your dreams come true...

The House Art

Creativity and new techniques in the style of THE HOUSE: 


Wood, Batik, Duck Tape, Stained Glass, Ceramic, Porcelain, Paint T-shirts, tennis and capes.

...And we will always have something new to surprise!

The House Cooking

Delicious recipes to learn and prepare just like in THE HOUSE:


Cupcakes, Brownies, Cookies, Pizza

...And many more recipes we will always have to share!

The House Spa

THE HOUSE Spa is a space to live with your friends like

nowhere else:

Massages, masks, hairstyles, nail decoration...

At THE HOUSE Spa you will always relax with your friends!

The House Jewelry

Beads, colors, glitters and lots of fun in THE HOUSE jewelry:


Necklaces, Keyrings, Earrings, Bracelets, Paper beads


...At THE HOUSE you will have new things to design!

The House Doll Party

The party for you and your favorite doll in the style of THE HOUSE you will celebrate:

Art, Kitchen, Parade


...At THE HOUSE parties for everyone we will have!

The House Show

Lights, music, color, dresses: never like in THE HOUSE:


Runway, Beauty Contest, Karaoke, Ballet Party, Flamenco, Spanish Dance


...THE HOUSE is on the move to make you shine!

The House Superhero

In THE HOUSE all superheroes will enjoy:

Costumes, Laser Mission, Superhero Capes, Superhero Cooking, SuperParade, Team competitions


...Action and fun at THE HOUSE you will always have!

The House Sports

Action, fun, lots of movement and competitions like only in THE HOUSE:


Mini soccer, Mini match, Mini Olympics, Water activities, Treasure hunt


...THE HOUSE in action to play and have fun!

The House Pretend Sleepover

In THE HOUSE a moment between friends to celebrate:


Popcorn, Movies, Karaoke, Story Games, War of pillows


...Your dreams at THE HOUSE will come true!